How would it feel to…

  • Create a laptop lifestyle that allows you to work when you want, where you want
  • Get clear on your true purpose and turn that into the business of your dreams
  • Know exactly what your strengths are and how to use them to reach your potential
  • Overcome your fears and feel confident in what you have to offer
  • Build your business whilst still in your 9 to 5
  • Create a healthy relationship with money and start charging your worth
  • Finally stop dreaming about ‘one day’ and start taking action
  • Connect with other aspiring freedom-preneurs who are on the same journey
  • Be fully supported through your transition by someone who has been there and got the t-shirt!

Well let’s make it happen!

I know how important this is to you because I’ve been there and know exactly how this feels.  I’ve experienced the daily grind of dragging myself to a job where I was always a square peg in a round hole. I longed to find a career where I felt fulfilled, valued and authentic, but instead just felt unhappy, exhausted and lost. 

However working with a Startup coach gave me the support and guidance I needed to discover what my strengths and values were, re-build my confidence and help me to see what I was really capable of.  And I want the same for you too!


Your coaching experience will be unique and personalised to you, but here IS AN OVERVIEW OF HOW WE COULD WORK TOGETHER:

First we look at the inside of your business and lay the foundations...

Week 1:

  • Get clear on your values and how to use them as a compass to live by

Week 2:

  • Discover your unique strengths and craft them into a business idea you love

Week 3:

  • Understand your true purpose and create your business 'Mission Statement'

Week 4:

  • Overcome the fears that have been holding you back, and replace them with confidence

Week 5:

  • Start a new, healthier relationship with money, understand the value of your services and start charging your worth

Then we start working on the outside...

Week 6:

  • Get clear on who your ideal customer is and how to connect with them on a deep level

Week 7:

  • How to create unique products and services, test your ideas and start your business whilst still in your 9 to 5

Week 8:

  • Build your own professional looking website, and develop an irresistible brand

Week 9:

  • Learn online marketing techniques that will bring you clients in your sleep, from Facebook ads to landing pages 

Week 10:

  • Start to promote your business in a way that feels authentic to you and build a loyal tribe of fans 

Week 11:

  • How to overcome possible objections and make effortless sales without selling your soul 

Week 12:

  • My top tips for managing your time like a pro, building your team and setting yourself up for sustained business growth


- x12 weekly 45 min sessions over Skype or by phone

- A welcome pack to help you achieve your goals for the next 90 days and my top tips for creating a 'success mindset'

- x12 in-depth worksheets to keep you on track between sessions & additional resources tailored to you e.g recommended reading lists, TED talks etc

-Access to specially discounted video tutorials from my own online business and tech strategist Kim Heintz, to teach you how to build your website, create Facebook ads, set up your first sales funnel and much more (over 50% off just for my clients!) 

- Unlimited email support from me for those days where you need a little extra guidance



I’m a practical girl

I understand that you’ve got a lot going on, and want to see results fast. That’s why we’ll break everything down into clear, actionable steps that you can implement right from the first session

I’m not afraid to ask some tough questions (but in the nicest possible way!)

You might be wondering why you’ve been stuck for a long time and haven’t been able to make much progress your own. The answer is that there are probably a backlog of fears, negative beliefs and behaviours that you’ve learned over time and which are holding you back. The great news is that a learned behaviour can be un-learned! Together we’ll take some time to go deeper and unpick those issues that have been slowing you down, and help you move forward.

I value your time and resources

I know that investing in coaching is a big decision, and my sessions will be jam packed with powerful coaching tools and techniques, valuable resources and inspiration. My coaching programme will also stop you wasting any more time and fast-forward you into the life and business you’ve always wanted.

I don’t believe in burnout

They say that looking for a new job is a full time job in itself. Whilst we’re working together and figuring out what your new business will look like, I know that you’ll be juggling lots of other demands and responsibilities as well. Which is why we’ll build in healthy habits and practices to help you manage your time, avoid overwhelm and keep your life in balance.

I want to see you succeed

I’ve been there. I know what it’s like to feel stuck, miserable, frustrated and exhausted, wondering why life hasn’t turned out the way I’d hoped but not knowing how to change it. Hiring my own coach helped me aim higher and think bigger than I ever thought possible, and I want the same for you too. 




(or 3 monthly payments of £440)

*Limited spaces available 

Remember that coaching is an investment in yourself. The work that we do together is transformational work which creates long lasting, positive change (unlike spending money on a 'quick fix’ which may make you feel better at the time, but doesn’t get to the root of the problem).



I needed some help in staying on track and giving me structure as I made the leap from the corporate world in to creating my own business. The journey I’ve been on over the last 12 weeks has been amazing thanks to the coaching.

I could have given up so many times because things got tough and hurdles had to be overcome but you kept me on track, helped me face my fears and offered guidance to help me think differently and ultimately make progress.
— Pauline, Sales Manager turned Fashion Entrepreneur
I wanted to thank you again for the life coaching sessions and can honestly say they totally turned my life around. Your sessions gave me my confidence back and put me on the right path. I was miserable and at a crossroads in a job I hated when I first sought you out. I was stuck in a rut and couldn’t see a way out. Your guidance helped me to put things in perspective and gave me the much needed boost to sort myself out. I landed a new job, I started writing, and I’m doing the Great North run in 2 weeks. I’ve started my new job and I’m loving it. It’s been a life changing couple of months and I feel so much happier with a renewed sense of purpose and enthusiasm.
— Silvia, Project Manager
When we started working together, I was trying to figure out what work would be most fulfilling for me - I do a few different projects and very little of the work was enjoyable for me. During our sessions I felt supported and hopeful, and the mapping strengths to values exercise was very powerful. Working with Juliette was enlightening, reassuring and energising.
— Rob, Fundraising Strategist


Will it work?

I know from working with previous clients how powerful this coaching programme is, and I'm here to support you every step of the way. But, and this is key, I can't do the work for you. If you feel strongly that now is the time to make some changes and finally create your dream business and life, then that motivation will carry you past any fears and excuses, and you will do the work that's needed to make it happen and see the results you want. 

What if I don’t know what my business is yet?

That's totally fine. Lots of my clients don't yet know what their business will be. What they do know is:

  • They want to regain control over where and when they work
  • They want to create a purpose driven business which makes a difference in the world
  • They want to earn a good living and sell their services/products in an authentic way

In my 90 day Full time to Freedom-preneur Coaching Programme, we will start out by discovering what your unique values and strengths are, and your sense of purpose, and then design a business around that and create offerings which people need and they are willing to pay you for. Then we will work through how to bring your personal brand and online platform to life, with simple and powerful strategies that you can implement right away.

What if I don’t have the money right now?

That is a completely understandable concern, and one to think about carefully. Investing in yourself and your future can be scary. What I would say is, think about what your life will look like in 6 months if you don't invest in yourself now. Or in a year. Or in 5 years. Will anything have changed? Or will you be stuck in the same rut? The value of this programme doesn't just last 90 days, you'll experience the benefits for months and years to come. But starting a business does require guts, and resourcefulness. If you're just not ready to take the leap right now, then that's totally ok.

How much support do I get?

We'll get together for our one to one, phone or Skype session every week during the 90 days, and you'll be able to email me for extra support in between. You can also join my private Facebook group, The Freedom-preneurs Club, which is a friendly and supportive online space for you to share your struggles, successes, and ask questions. 

How much time will the programme take?

Our calls are 45 minutes long, and I would suggest setting aside an hour or two a week to go through your workbook, for example at the weekend. Don't worry if you can't complete the workbook each week, we can go at your own pace and set you up with time management tools and structures to avoid overwhelm. 

When will I start making money?

Everyone's business is different, and it will depend on how much time and passion you can devote to your fledgling business. It's definitely possible to launch it alongside your full time 9 to 5 and build up a customer base first, or put in place a 'bridge job' scenario such as going part time, or taking on contract work, or even moving to a less demanding 9 to 5. Or you might be in a position to jump in straightaway because you have savings or your partner can support you for a while. There are so many different financial scenarios, which we can look at together, and I will be giving you plenty of tried and tested strategies for finding your first clients and building up your mailing list and social media following.

How much extra will I have to invest to get my business going?

I'll be showing you cost effective ways to start and grow your business which you can do entirely yourself, if you want to keep your budget low. However if you need some extra tech help from a tried and trusted expert, I'll also be giving you access to support videos from my own online business and tech strategist, Kim Heintz, at a specially discounted rate just for my clients. Kim is my go-to tech guru and she will take you step by step through how to set up Facebook ads, create your website in Squarespace, design effective landing pages and much more etc.   

How do I pay?

I will send you a link to my payment page where you have the option of paying in full, or choosing the instalment option which will take the first payment there and then, and then two more automated payments at monthly intervals. I use Paypal, which makes online payments quick and easy. 

What support do I get once the 3 months is over?

We will have gone through an amazing journey together over the 90 days, and I will be rooting for you every step of the way and well beyond our time together! You will have lifetime access to all the workbooks and resources I will have shared with you over the 90 days, and we will stay connected through my Facebook group, The Freedom-Preneurs Club

What if I can’t make one of our scheduled calls?

When we first get started, we'll agree a mutually convenient time each week for our calls. However, if something comes up and you can't make it, just give me 24 hrs notice and we can always move the call. Do consider scheduling our regular calls into your diary and prioritising them, just like you would for a gym session or an evening class. It's time to put you and your dreams first. 



Fantastic! Then get in touch for a free, 20 minute clarity call:

  • You can ask me anything you like about how coaching works, see if we’re a good fit, and also dig a bit deeper into how to get your business off the ground.
  • Then if you’re ready to jump on board, we can get you signed up and you’ll receive your welcome pack.
  • We’ll agree a regular weekly slot for our calls and get your first session booked in.

Can’t wait to start working with you!