I know exactly how it feels to be in your shoes, and not so long ago, I was in the same place myself. 

But in the last year my whole life has changed. I’ve gone from feeling confused, unhappy and unmotivated, to moving to my dream location by the sea, discovering my true vocation and launching a new business that I can’t wait to get up and work in every single day!

Have you ever felt like that? Like you’re just going through the motions, and have lost your spark? Asking yourself as you go to work every morning, is this really it? There’s a nagging voice inside you saying that you’re meant to do bigger things, but you really don’t know where to begin.

My story 

I spent over 14 years living in London, caught up in the rat race and feeling increasingly unhappy with my long commute and stressful lifestyle. I had bounced from career to career, trying to find something that I could devote myself to enthusiastically and passionately. I’d last about 2 years in a role before starting to feel restless and unhappy, knowing that once again this was a wrong fit. 

I longed for more freedom and fulfilment, but was well and truly stuck in a rut. I’d try to make myself feel better by spending any spare cash on distractions like shopping or holidays, but the temporary high would never last long and I’d soon be back to square one again.

Then in 2015 a series of health problems hit me, one after another, and I ended up having to undergo three operations in one year. It was a huge wake up call, and I finally realised that life is short, I was completely burned out and needed to make some radical changes.

Enter career coaching. I hired an amazing coach who helped to rebuild my confidence, get clear on what I really wanted, and gave me the tools to achieve my goals. I finally realised that what I wanted to do was help people create a business and life that gives them a sense of fulfilment, freedom and happiness, and this led to three life changing decisions: 

A) To train as a coach myself

B) Start my own business

C) To leave London and achieve a life long dream of living by the sea

By naming my business after my dream location, it reminds me every day of how powerful the coaching process can be. Now I get to work with amazing, purpose driven people like you every day, and help them discover what they were meant for and achieve their goals in exactly the same way. 

Now what about you?

Are you ready to make a change? To stop wasting your one precious life, and finally take action? I love this quote from Pablo Picasso:

The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose is to give it away.

Let’s find that gift together. Go ahead and book your free, 20 minute discovery call now

MY Training

I'm a graduate of the Pure Coaching Academy, run by one of the UK's most successful life coaches Carole Ann Rice, and am an accredited coach with the IIC&M.

I have also studied Positive Psychology, known as 'the science of happiness', with one of the field's leading experts Miriam Akhtar. The tools and practices that are taught as part of this rapidly growing area of psychology, have made a huge difference to my own happiness, wellbeing and quality of life, and now I love to blend these tools into my coaching sessions so that my clients can feel the benefits too.