Wish you could say goodbye to the Sunday night blues?

So a year ago I would have been getting ready for my working week around this time on a Sunday evening. 

I would have been going online to purchase an overpriced weekly rail ticket, laying out a ‘professional’ work outfit (which wasn’t what I would choose to wear, but which fitted in with the corporate ‘look’ at the office), and getting an early night because I knew the week ahead would be utterly exhausting.

Does that sound familiar?

I remember the train journey up to London, where I would longingly stare out of the window at the passing countryside (if I got a seat that is) and wish that I could choose how I started my day and feel excited about what was to come, instead of tolerating the knot of dread, anxiety and stress that I carried around in my stomach.

I hated that I was just working for the weekend and dreaded Monday mornings. I wanted to have freedom and flexibility, and choose to do work I loved, instead of having a schedule and workload imposed on me.

Well these days, things are a bit different. I get to choose my own hours, and work from wherever I like. On Mondays I can ease into the day with a coffee and the newspaper, and look forward to working on my own business which I feel genuinely excited about. Or I can just decide to take the day off and go for a play on the beach. The main thing is, I have the choice.

What will you do to create that flexibility and freedom in your life?

I don’t want you to have to dread your Monday mornings anymore. I want you to know that there is another way to shape your career, work for yourself, and design a lifestyle of your choosing.

It all comes down to making a choice.

You can choose to say goodbye to that old way of working and create a business and lifestyle that you’re madly in love with. 

So if you’ve decided to no longer tolerate that Monday morning dread, and take back control of your life and career, then learn more about my 90 day Full time to Freedom-preneur Programme. You can ask me anything you like about the programme, about coaching, and see if we’re a good fit. 

Your new work week is out there waiting for you!

I’ll speak to you soon,

Juliette xx