Is THIS what has been holding you back?

I want to set you up for success so let’s have a little look at some of the things which might have held you back this year:

Do you ever pay close attention to the tone of your thoughts?  

There’s a famous quote from Ghandi which says:

We’re often much harder on ourselves than we would be to a friend or family member, and it’s these negative thoughts that might be currently creating your reality. 

Do any of these sound familiar?

    •    I'm not clever enough.
    •    I'm too old
    •    I’m too fat
    •    I'm not confident enough.
    •    I don’t have relevant experience.
    •    I'm terrible with money
    •    Successful people are just lucky
    •    My partner wouldn’t like that
    •    My friends wouldn’t like me anymore

It’s key that you end this loop of negative thoughts, and get your thinking in line with your goals and dreams if you want to actually achieve them.

1. The first step is awareness. An exercise that I ask my clients to do is to observe their thoughts for 48 hours and write down what they notice, in a diary, journal or the notes app on their phone.  You may notice that the language is a lot harsher than you expected, but don’t worry, there is a way to start changing it.

2. Once you’re aware of the particular words and thoughts that keep coming up, flip them around. So think of the opposite, more positive version of that. For example, if you keep telling yourself “It’s too late for me, I can’t change careers now”, then the opposite might be ”It’s never too late, and I have lots of relevant life and professional experience that will be extremely valuable in my new business.”

3. Keep repeating them to yourself, and start to flood your mind with more positive thoughts. Give it a try and see how it starts to affect your outlook and how you feel about reaching your goals. 

This is going to be YOUR year!