3 things I’ve learned since starting a business

Hello Coasties, 

It’s now been a month since I announced my new venture to the world. Starting a business, or in fact making any big change in your life, involves a pretty steep learning curve and I’ve been reflecting a bit on what I’ve learned so far. See if any of this resonates with you….

Self care

It’s easy to let work take over when you’re starting a new business. For me, stress was beginning to build up and affect my sleep, and I was starting to let healthy eating, exercising, and even taking time out to see friends, all fall by the wayside. However I quickly realised that without a strong foundation to build on, I was quickly going to burn out, and then how would I be of any use as a coach? Like the safety instructions they give you on an airplane, you need to put your own oxygen mask on before you can help anyone else. I love this Ernest Hemingway quote about taking care of the basics...

Getting organised

Since the noise and fanfare of the launch has died down, the real work of getting my name out there and working with clients has begun. I’ve had to get super organised and consistent, because a thriving business isn’t going to magically happen overnight. It’s the same for any goal, which takes regular, consistent effort to achieve. Check out another of my fave authors, Malcolm Gladwell, talking about the 10,000 hour rule:  

Asking for help

At first I was struggling to do everything on my own, from web design to marketing to learning how to do a tax return! But it soon became pretty overwhelming and a bit lonely. I realised that I badly needed to seek out other like-minded entrepreneurs and coaches who ‘get it’, learn from them and get some support. Having that network around me has made all the difference to my confidence and motivation.

Now over to you…. Where are you struggling? What areas of your life do you need support in? What could you delegate? And how could you be taking better care of yourself? 

Make this the month that you start to change things around. Make this the month that you do ONE thing to support and nurture yourself. Make this the month that you put your dreams and goals first.

Speak soon,

xx Juliette

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