What's love got to do with it? (quite a lot apparently)

Hello Coasties,

I've just got back from an incredible two day Masterclass in Bristol, learning all about positive psychology from two of the leading experts Miriam Akthar and Bridget Grenville-Cleave.

The whole trip just reminded me of how important it is to take time out of our overloaded schedules, and connect with other like minded people who really inspire and 'get' us.

It's easy to stay stuck at our desks, hide behind our laptops, and get bogged down in busyness, but there is huge power in showing up in person. We're showing up for ourselves, for our dreams, and we’re also building those crucial relationships that we'll need to keep us going through tough times.

One lesson from the Masterclass that really stayed with me, was the power of love and connection and its ability to improve our mood, wellbeing, and even lengthen our lives! In this video, Dr Barbara Frederickson explains how keeping ourselves topped up with regular doses of ‘micro connection’ with other people nourishes us more than any other source of positivity:

Which is why I've decided to start running face to face workshops in addition to my online coaching. Don't get me wrong, I couldn't run my business or even my social life without a digital arsenal of Skype, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, WhatsApp and Twitter, but as Dr Frederickson points out, stepping out from behind our screens and making a real ’sensory connection’ with others on a regular basis can do wonders for our overall happiness.

So next time you’re passing a colleague in the corridor, receiving a package from the postman, or just ordering your regular latte in Starbucks, try making eye contact, flash a smile, and feel that micro moment work its magic…

xx Juliette

p.s Want to join us on 7th May for fun, focus, confidence and caffeine with some fellow Coasties? Then come along to my workshop from 10-12 and learn how to overcome your biggest blocks and fears. See you there!