Why you are the best boss you will ever have

Hi there,

So I recently came across this powerful blog post by Seth Godin which really hit home. In a nutshell it says:

Reject the tyranny of being picked: pick yourself

It helped me make sense of the moment when I decided to stop pursuing corporate jobs and become my own boss. It was the turning point where, as Godin says, I stopped waiting to be picked:

I remember it so vividly. I spotted an incredible job online, and got that excited, fluttering feeling in my stomach that this role could be finally be the one.

It was in a field that I found rewarding and challenging, the salary was a step up, the office was in a beautiful countryside location, they had a great flexible working ethos and even allowed people to bring their dogs to the office (heaven for me, perhaps not for everyone!)!

I knew my skill set was a great fit for the job and I put everything I had into filling out the application and preparing for the interview. When the day arrived, I was nervous but quietly confident, and felt that the interview had gone like a dream…

But the call never came. I waited, and then chased, and then waited again. About 2 weeks later a PA finally emailed me back with a brief message saying I hadn’t been successful. I was too crushed to even ask why...

That epic failure is still pretty embarrassing to admit to even now, and I was bitterly disappointed when I got the news, but I am so grateful because it changed my whole outlook.

I realised that all the things I loved about the job were the very things that I could create for myself if I was my own boss:

Fulfilling work? Check

Unlimited earning potential? Check

Working from home? Check

Choosing my own hours? Check

Having my cats sat on my desk whilst I work? Check (though this has turned out to not ALWAYS be ideal when the walk across my keyboard!)

Why was I waiting for an employer to choose me? Why was I waiting for permission to do the work that I longed to do? In that moment, I realised that you are the best boss that you will ever have. And so my journey to becoming a freedom-preneur began.

So what are you waiting to be picked for? 

Starting that business? Forget Dragons' Den and start testing out your ideas with a handful of people

Dreaming of being published? Go ahead and create that blog

Think you need another special degree or qualification? First take a look at the skills and experience you already have

You don’t need someone else’s approval to start creating your dreams.
You are already good enough, right where you are now.

I’ll speak to you soon,

Juliette xx