I keep intending to change my career, but then it goes nowhere…

So does this sound familiar?

You wake up one morning and decide “right that’s it, I’m finally going to do something about my career”.

You’re going to find a new direction, or get that promotion, or take a leap and start your own business, either on the side of your 9 to 5 or full time.

But then the fear creeps in and you start thinking “well, maybe things aren’t as bad as I think they are. I’ll keep going a bit longer and see how it goes”.

And suddenly it’s 3 months later and nothing has changed.

And you’re a bit frustrated with yourself for having not taken action.

Well don’t worry, you’re definitely not alone in this.

Often my clients tell me that they’ve decided to try coaching, because they’ve been through this cycle of thinking too many times:

Reach breaking point. Plan to change. Get scared. Back away.

It’s exhausting. And I know how it feels because I went through the cycle many times before making my own career change. 

Finding a new career or starting a new business isn’t easy. It feels like a risk and you don’t know what will happen if you take that leap.

But here’s a thought:

You do know what will happen if you don’t take the leap.

Nothing at all. 

However, if you start taking some baby steps and gaining momentum, then something will start to happen. and if the status quo is making you really unhappy, then something changing is better than nothing changing.

If you want help creating an action plan, and need some support and accountability along the way to make sure you stick to it, then just get in touch to book an introductory 45min coaching session for just £97.

Speak soon,
Juliette xx