How Hayley made her dreams a reality (and you can too)

Have you ever had a career or personal dream that both excited and scared you a little bit? Maybe it’s something you’ve thought about for months or even years, but you keep it a secret because you’re worried what people might say, or that it might all end in failure?

Hayley Stoner had that dream. To start a side business in graphic design and pave the way towards leaving her job and going freelance. And also to write and produce her own music, which had long been a personal passion.

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“I was struggling with my current job. I was at the point of despair and did not know which direction to go in. I felt there was no light at the end of the tunnel and I would never get out of my job.”

Back in September, Hayley signed up for coaching and together we started working on figuring out what Hayley’s values were, her unique strengths, and what fears might have been holding her back from getting started. She discovered opportunities to express her musical creativity more often, and began researching different industries that interested her.

It wasn’t always easy to keep going, and some days were harder than others. “I was at the end of my tether before some sessions, especially after a stressful day at work, but after speaking with Juliette I always came away feeling some much happier and motivated.”

As time went on we got laser focused and started to look at what her business niche could be, what services to offer, and where to find those ideal clients. With the support, clarity and accountability of working with a coach, Hayley kept believing and has managed to turn both her business dream and creative dream into a reality.

“I have become more determined to get where I want to be. I still have wobbles, but manage to pick myself up and keep going. I have one client already and hoping to build more. I can help other design companies keep on top of their workload by taking freelance projects, and start-up businesses can also benefit from my expertise in logo and branding design.”

What has been the biggest and most unexpected outcome for Hayley is how quickly her musical ambitions have become a reality too.

“My passion for music made me want to design for the music industry, which I would still love to do. However, back in January I decided to start making my own music. I have created my first track in the house/club genre and I have produced my own lyrics and worked with a professional vocalist. So I am now a freelance graphic designer and a music producer /DJ! Which is completely mad as it is not what I expected to happen, but I am extremely glad it did and can finally say I am proud of myself after years of not being valued in many different jobs.”

“I intend for my husband and I to work together making music and DJ’ing and will have our own record label. I can now combine my design passion for music, as I can create all my and my husband's track release covers, social medial advertising and the record label logo."

Hayley didn’t expect her story to turn out quite like this, but what it really shows is what’s possible when you make ROOM in your life for your dreams and passions. When you allow them some light and air, instead of keeping them hidden away in a dusty corner, they can come alive!

If you want to learn more about Hayley’s design services, you can find her at and connect with her on LinkedIn.

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Ali’s story: From Academic to Writer & Educator

I just love hearing from my former clients about how they’re getting on, and the lovely Ali Haggett is no exception! She’s made some incredible changes since we began working together and it’s been such a privilege to be part of her journey.

When we first met, she felt that her career wasn’t a good fit anymore and was struggling under a heavy workload. She also felt that there was “something more profound going wrong and I had started to feel unhappy”. But the big question was WHAT exactly was it that was making her unhappy? It was hard for her to see the wood for the trees at that point.


Slowly but surely, we started to focus on what her true values were and what she really wanted out of life: “My favourite part of coaching was identifying my values and purpose. I hadn’t even thought about those! I assumed they were implicit in everything I did, but had never really identified what they were. I’d focused on my skills and because they fitted, I’d wrongly assumed that the job I was in should be the right one for me.”

It took some time, but gradually Ali’s confidence grew and grew. She started making small changes, then bigger ones, and eventually made the brave decision to leave her full time job and create a new portfolio career which matched her values and gave her a sense of true purpose:

“I’m pursing a range of different projects, some freelance, and some in the third sector. I know it was the right thing to do. It took me a year but the seeds planted during coaching grew stronger and stronger - the coaching process (I called it a ‘magic process’!) was instrumental in giving me the confidence to turn down a promotion and leave a secure career to find something that fed my soul.”

It wasn’t a straight road for Ali. There were many twists and turns, and personal upheavals along the way, but she kept listening to herself and what her soul was telling her deep down. And she didn’t let fear stand in the way. She chose to step through it instead.

If you want to hear more from Ali, then go and check out her funny, moving and insightful new blog which chronicles her transition from Academia into her exciting new portfolio career here and find her on Twitter here.

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