"I just fell into this career, I never really planned to end up here."

"I’m good at what I do, and have a certain level of status now, but I’m not passionate about it. It’s not the right fit."

"I want to do something each day which actually matters, and not just contribute to my boss’s bottom line."

"I have financial responsibilities, and this job gives me security, so I’m scared to leave and do something that I really love."

"I want to change careers, but have no idea what I’d do or even where to start. It’s so overwhelming."

"I’ve spent too many years climbing to the top of this ladder. It’s too late to start again."

"I wish I had been braver and taken more chances"

"Maybe ‘doing something you love’ is just a daydream, and I should accept my lot."


Career Coach in Brighton

WELL let's get a few things straight first...

  1. You are not alone in this. I’ve been exactly where you are and know how frustrating it feels.

  2. It’s never too late. Did you know Colonel Sanders franchised his first KFC at the age of 72?

  3. There IS something you can do about it, and in just 90 days.

In my Dream Career Discovery Programme, you will get unstuck, identify new career options or business ideas which fit you like a glove, boost your confidence and create a practical plan for your transition.  

let’s make it happen!

I know how important this is to you because I’ve been there too.  I’ve experienced the daily grind of dragging myself to a job where I was always a square peg in a round hole. I longed to find a career where I felt fulfilled, valued and authentic, but instead just felt unhappy, exhausted and lost. 

However working with a career coach gave me the support and guidance I needed to discover what my strengths and values were, re-build my confidence and help me to see what I was really capable of.  And I want the same for you too! You deserve to finally put YOU and YOUR dreams first. 





Get clear on who you really are (values) and how to use them as a compass to live by.


Discover what you're best at (strengths) and how to leverage them into a new career or business that you love.


Understand what motivates you (purpose) and create your own mission statement.


Define your dream career or business goals and create a personalised action plan for achieving them.


Learn how to detox your mindset, tackle your fears of 'making the leap', stop procrastinating and start taking positive action.


Financial worries are cited as the no.1 reason that people hold back from making a career change. So we'll work together on creating a new, healthier relationship with money, and making a practical, no stress financial plan for your transition.


Learn how to boost your confidence and visibility at work, so you can handle meetings, negotiations and interviews with ease.



How to generate new business ideas, create unique packages and services, and beta test them out in the real world

your first customer:

Get clear on who your ideal customer is, how to find and reach them, and how to communicate with them on a deep level

get your biz online:

Build your own professional looking website, grow your following and develop an irresistible brand




Career Coaching sessions are 45mins long and can be conducted over the phone or on Skype.

Clients work with me initially for 6 sessions (either weekly or fortnightly) to create and maintain lasting positive changes in their lives and careers.

Follow up sessions can also be arranged to help you stay motivated, inspired and focused on your goals

I also understand that coaching might be completely new to you so feel free to read my FAQ's page.

Or click here to book a free 15min, no obligation clarity call where you can tell me a bit more about your situation, ask any questions you like about coaching, and see if we’re a good fit to work together.




-A welcome bundle containing a self care guide for reducing stress and avoiding burnout, my recommended reading list and top coaching tips to help you start seeing results from day one

-Six 1:1 career coaching sessions of 45mins entirely focused on you, your needs and your goals

-Six inspirational and practical workbooks to help you keep on track between sessions and help you brainstorm new career or business options

-An action plan via email after each session (within 24hrs) outlining what we covered and what your next steps are


Whilst the core coaching programme is focused on helping you to discover your dream career, you’ll also receive this two-part bonus to help you plan the concrete steps for your career transition:

PART 1: At the start of the programme you’ll receive your own personal Quit Kit containing an easy 5 step guide to making your CV stand out, LinkedIn tips and tricks, and a 'done for you' script for what to say to your boss on quitting day!  

PART 2: At the end of the programme you’ll also receive a 90 Day Escape Plan workbook and Your Dream Career Hotlist workbook to help you evaluate new job or business opportunities and stop wasting any more time on ones which aren’t the perfect fit



(or x3 MONTHLY payments of £180)

IS IT THE right time for me to make this INVESTMENT?

Ask yourself how much is it worth to you to finally discover a fulfilling career you truly love? One that allows you to bounce out of bed on a Monday excited for the week ahead? One where you can truly flourish and use your talents to make a difference?

If you’re unhappy at work, you might be spending money on various ‘quick fixes’ to help yourself feel better such as booking a week’s holiday (£500+), buying yourself a latte every morning (£600+ a year) or shopping for a new outfit at lunchtime (the average Briton spends £1000+ a year on clothes). 

However these experiences only provide a temporary high, and once that has passed then you’re back at square one again. 

Coaching is transformational work which creates long lasting, positive changes. By learning new skills and being supported by me though that initial period of self-discovery and growth, coaching might just be the best investment you have ever made in yourself and your future. 


Some client love... (and you can read more career change stories here

I wanted to thank you again for the coaching sessions and can honestly say they totally turned my life around. I’m so glad to have met you at the time I did, your sessions gave me my confidence back and put me on the right path.

I was miserable and at a crossroads in a job I hated when I first sought you out. I was stuck in a rut and couldn’t see a way out. Your guidance helped me to put things in perspective and gave me the much needed boost to sort myself out. I landed a new job, I started writing, and I’m doing the Great North run in 2 weeks.

I started my new job recently and I’m loving it. It’s been a life changing couple of months and I feel so much happier with a renewed sense of purpose and enthusiasm.
— Silvia, Project Manager
Before working with Juliette I was feeling lost and unsure about which way to go forward, knowing that my recent jobs were not right but unable to identify what was right for me.

Working with her was specific to me and just what I needed, and now I have a clearer idea of the area I want to work in. And I’m feeling more confident that I can make the change and that I do have valuable skills to offer.

The best thing for me were the Skype sessions and being able to see and talk with her, and she will challenge what you feel and think but in a good way! She won’t just take answers to questions at face value but will dig deeper which was sometimes hard but totally necessary and that was where the ‘lightbulb’ moments came from!
— Mags, Event Organiser
Before we started coaching, I most wanted to have clarity about what exactly it is I wanted to do, and the confidence to leave my full time job and branch out into the world of postnatal support.

My favourite part was the regular catch ups. I really thrived on having that point of connection to reiterate the learning from the workbooks and think about what’s next.

Juliette was also very good at being supportive, yet challenging, and wasn’t afraid to ask questions that made me really think about my response. I am now confident that I have something valuable to offer potential clients, and clear on the steps I need to take in order to make the transition into a new business.
— Grace, University Academic
When I signed up, I needed some help staying on track and giving me structure as I made the leap from the corporate world in to creating my own business.

The journey I’ve been on has been amazing thanks to the coaching. I could have given up so many times because things got tough and hurdles had to be overcome but you kept me on track, helped me face my fears and offered guidance to help me think differently and ultimately make progress.

I enjoyed the Skype calls as they were a chance to check-in face to face, and I liked the way that you paid attention and took genuine interest in me and what I was trying to create.

I also liked the way that the work week by week evolved and the first few steps set the foundation that could be referred back to. I think the areas covered give a great base from which to progress from.
— Pauline, Fashion Entrepreneur




Great! Just click the button below to arrange a free 15min, no obligation clarity call where you can tell me a bit more about your situation, ask any questions you like about coaching, and see if we’re a good fit to work together.

If you decide to go ahead after the call, then I'll send you a Paypal link to secure your spot, and a link to my online booking calendar to arrange our first coaching session.

Can't wait to begin working with you!

Career Coach in Brighton