What exactly is coaching, and how is it different from counselling?

Well coaching is all about helping you get to where you want to be in life. It's about setting and achieving goals, navigating life changes and learning how to thrive not just survive. 

A coach is in a unique position, because unlike friends and family, they have no agenda. They can offer completely un-judgemental support of any action steps you may decide to make, as well as give the occasional reality check as needed along the way! Coaching sessions are dedicated time for you, to explore your thoughts, dreams, challenges and goals, and are a wonderful investment in yourself and your future.

Counselling is an incredibly helpful process if you are experiencing mental heath issues and struggling day to day. It's really important that you reach out to your GP or a qualified counsellor if you are feeling overwhelmed, and in fact counselling and coaching can work very effectively side by side. 

Who is career and business coaching for?

I have worked with all kinds of people from all sorts of professional backgrounds, including Event Organisers, University Academics, Project Managers, HR Executives, Marketing Managers, Strategists, Designers and Yoga Teachers. 

Some are still in full time employment, some are taking a career break and some are freelance, but what they all want is to discover their calling in life, do something they truly love, create more balance in their lives and feel more confident and authentic. Read here about some of my previous clients and their inspiring career transformation stories. 

Will it work?

I know from working with previous clients how powerful coaching sessions are, and I'm here to support you every step of the way. But, and this is key, I can't do the work for you. If you feel strongly that now is the time to make some changes and finally go after your dream career or business, then that motivation will carry you past any fears and excuses, and you will do the work that's needed to make it happen and see the results you want. 

What if I don’t know exactly what I want to do yet career wise?

That's totally fine. Lots of my clients don't yet know exactly what their next steps will be. What they do know is:

  • They want to make a positive change in their lives

  • They want to to do something they love

  • They are ready to take action and invest in themselves

During our coaching sessions, we can work together to discover what your unique values, strengths and sense of purpose are, address the fears which might have been holding you back, then move on to design your goals around that and create a personalised action plan. I can also share my top confidence building tips so that you can move forward feeling strong and authentic.

I think I want to start a business but am not 100% clear on the idea?

No problem. It doesn't matter if you have no idea where to start, or if you've already tried a few things and are still trying to get off the ground. We can look together in detail at WHO you ideally want to work with, and HOW you can help them with your unique strengths and skills. I also share my strategies for testing out your fledgling business idea(s) to make sure that you hit that sweet spot between what you love, what your customers need, and what they're willing to pay for.

When will I start making money in my business?

Everyone's business is different, and it will depend on how much time and passion you can devote to your business and also tackling any mindset issues you may have around ‘asking for the sale’. In the beginning, it's definitely possible to launch it alongside your full time 9 to 5 and build up a customer base first (which is what I did), or put in place a 'bridge job' scenario such as going part time, or taking on contract work, or even moving to a less demanding 9 to 5. Or you might jump in straightaway because you have savings or your partner can support you for a while. There are so many different financial scenarios which we can look at together.

How much extra will I have to invest to get my business going?

This will vary depending on whether your business is service based or product based. If your idea is a service based, online business then I can certainly recommend the most cost effective tools which I use to run my own business. If your idea is product based, then these tend to require more up front investment. However, whichever route you choose, the coaching work we do together around finding your niche, getting focused and staying accountable, will help you prioritise what to invest in and start to make progress.

What's your unique approach to coaching?

I take a very holistic approach and look at you as a whole person and how your dream career or business fits in with the lifestyle you want to lead. We can work together to help you identify a fulfilling new path that plays to your strengths, fits with your values, covers your income requirements and allows you a better work/life balance.

What if I don’t have the money right now?

That is a completely understandable concern, and one to think about carefully. Investing in yourself and your future can be scary. What I would say is, think about what your life will look like in 6 months if you don't invest in yourself now. Or in a year. Or in 5 years. Will anything have changed? Or will you be stuck in the same rut? The value of coaching doesn't just last for the duration of the sessions; you'll experience the benefits for months and years to come. But making a career change does require guts and resourcefulness. If you're just not ready to take the leap right now, then that's totally ok.

How much time does coaching take take?

My introductory coaching sessions are 45mins long, and then if you decide to continue working together in one of my 90 day programmes, then we’ll work together for x6 bi-monthly, 45min coaching sessions. You’ll receive a workbook for each session which contains mini exercises and thought provoking questions, and I would suggest setting aside an hour or so a week to go through them, for example at the weekend. Don't worry if things get busy and you can't complete the workbook, we can go at your own pace and set you up with time management tools and structures to avoid overwhelm. 

How do I pay?

I invoice for sessions in advance and use Paypal which makes online payments quick and easy. 

What if I can’t make one of our scheduled sessions?

When we first get started, we'll agree a mutually convenient time slot for our sessions. However, if something comes up and you can't make it, just give me 24 hrs notice and we can always move the session. Do consider scheduling our regular sessions into your diary and prioritising them, just like you would for a gym session or an evening class. You deserve to finally put YOU and YOUR dreams first. 


Have I missed something? Then just drop me a line and ask away! 

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