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Do you want to make a big change in your life, whether it’s finding a new meaningful career or starting a purpose driven business, but you’re holding back because you’re afraid?

Maybe you’re scared that you’ll fail.

Or feel that you’re too old (or maybe too young!).

Or maybe you’re afraid of not being good enough if you try something new.

Or worried about what your friends, family or colleagues might think.

Yep I get it. I’ve felt it too and it can be paralysing. You desperately want to move forwards but the idea of ‘taking the leap’ is terrifying. On the other hand, the idea of spending another year exactly where you are fills you with dread too. So you stay stuck and miserable.

But there can be a good side to this fear that you’re feeling. It tells you that this decision you’re struggling with really matters. It tells you that you’re moving towards something big and special and important. 

I hear from people every week who tell me that they have big dreams, and would love to make them a reality, but something is stopping them. And when we dig a bit deeper, it turns out to be fear... 

...Which is why I 've created these Fear Buster Sessions to help you at this crucial point in your career change journey



IN THis SESSION you will learn how to:

-Identify your deepest fears and limiting beliefs
-Challenge them and re-programme your negative thoughts into positive ones
-Stop sabotaging yourself from finding the life and career of your dreams
-Overcome procrastination, stop putting things off and start taking action TODAY


What’s included

-A 45 min coaching session with me on Skype or over the phone
-An in-depth workbook packed with exercises to help you move past your fears and achieve your goals
-Email support for 30 days after your session to help you put the new tools and strategies you’ve learned into practice


Your investment:




During this friendly, informative and practical session we covered the psychology of change, common fears and how to deal with them, procrastination and limiting beliefs. I would recommend this to anyone stuck in a rut professionally or personally who needs a clarification on what it is they actually want to achieve and help moving forwards with that goal. What are you waiting for?
— Rachel, Naturopath
Juliette provided a supportive, encouraging environment in which to look at the issues which might be holding me back. Her session motivated me to look at setting some goals and overcoming some obstacles. I would highly recommend her refreshing approach and would definitely like to do more coaching with her.
— Susie, Contract Manager
I really enjoyed it. You were calm and clear and the conversation zoomed straight into glitch areas. The session definitely tweaked my thought process on achieving my goals so I’m curious to see what further coaching sessions will reveal.
— Kashka, Writer
I found this very interesting and Juliette discussed useful strategies to build into daily life. Juliette is very personable and easy to talk to.
— Frances, Hospital worker

So if you know that you're ready to tackle those fears head on, stop sabotaging yourself and start taking positive action to make your dream career a reality, then drop me an email using the contact form below to get started:

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