You can listen    HERE    to my interview with Grace where she talks about her coaching experience and how she made her inspiring career change from Higher Education to Postnatal Doula.

You can listen HERE to my interview with Grace where she talks about her coaching experience and how she made her inspiring career change from Higher Education to Postnatal Doula.

"Before we started coaching, I most wanted to have clarity about what exactly it is I wanted to do, and the confidence to leave my full time job and branch out into the world of postnatal support.

My favourite part of the programme was the weekly catch ups. I really thrived on having that point of connection every week to reiterate the learning from the workbooks and think about what's next. 

Juliette was also very good at being supportive, yet challenging, and wasn't afraid to ask questions that made me really think about my response.  

I am now confident that I have something valuable to offer potential clients, and clear on the steps I need to take in order to make the transition into a new career." 

Grace, Research Manager


“In terms of what I was struggling with, I felt ill fitted to my current career. Although the workload was part of the problem, there was something more profound going wrong, and I had started to feel unhappy. Juliette’s coaching was focused and about moving forward as opposed to dwelling on the past. It was like unlocking a locked door. It was suddenly so clear!

Since working with Juliette, I made a huge leap and resigned from my post. It took me a year, but the seeds planted during coaching grew stronger and stronger - the coaching process (I called it a ‘magic process’!) was instrumental in giving me the confidence to turn down a promotion and leave a secure career to find something that fed my soul.

I’m pursuing a range of different projects, some freelance, and some in the third sector. I know it was the right thing to do - it took a lot of courage, because people just don’t ‘leave’ permanent academic posts. It will take time to adjust, but I now have my own website/blog and various projects on the go that fit with my values. I also have some time to spend with family and look after my own wellbeing.

Juliette is very easy to get along with - and insightful. She often picked up on things I’d said which were important - and that I’d missed. I liked having worksheets to do in between sessions. Some of it was hard work, but essential.”

Ali, Academic

Life and Career Coach in Brighton

"I wanted to thank you again for the life coaching sessions and can honestly say they totally turned my life around. I'm so glad to have met you at the time I did, your sessions gave me my confidence back and put me on the right path.

I was miserable and at a crossroads in a job I hated when I first sought you out. I was stuck in a rut and couldn't see a way out. Your guidance helped me to put things in perspective and gave me the much needed boost to sort myself out. I landed a new job, I started writing, and I'm doing the Great North run in 2 weeks. 

I started my new job recently and I'm loving it. It's been a life changing couple of months and I feel so much happier with a renewed sense of purpose and enthusiasm."

Silvia, Project Manager


"When I signed up, I needed some help staying on track and giving me structure as I made the leap from the corporate world in to creating my own business.

The journey I've been on has been amazing thanks to the coaching. I could have given up so many times because things got tough and hurdles had to be overcome but you kept me on track, helped me face my fears and offered guidance to help me think differently and ultimately make progress.

I enjoyed the Skype calls as they were a chance to check-in face to face, and I liked the way that you paid attention and took genuine interest in me and what I was trying to create.

I also liked the way that the work week by week evolved and the first few weeks set the foundation that could be referred back to. I think the areas covered give a great base from which to progress from."

Pauline, Sales Director


“Before starting the coaching sessions, I felt stuck and confused about what I wanted for the future - I had been searching through potential careers for a long time.

I now feel happier in myself, have been able to reconnect with and enjoy my current role (an unexpected bonus!) and have achievable goals to help me move forward with my future career.

My favourite part? All of it! I found the personal strengths workbook really helped me re-connect with my authentic self which was so beneficial. I learnt a lot about myself doing every exercise and then talking my findings through with Juliette helped me to see the broader picture.

The process is well structured but is also very adaptable to your own needs. Juliette is great to work with and put me at ease from the first consultation call.

I’m so pleased with everything we did! I’ve learnt so much about myself, feel more confident in general, as well as having more confidence in my skill set. Thank you so much!”

Gavin, Music Teacher

“Before coaching, I felt that I was struggling with confidence, my long term prospects, being passionate about working and also feeling happy about what I was doing. I came across life coaching somehow and your website and story really resonated and stood out to me. I did a bit of research into other coaches but they just weren’t in the same league as your profile for me.

I now feel like I have a purpose in my career. I have more passion, I’m more motivated, I’m genuinely happier and am motivating those around me to be bold. I look back to how I was feeling in that first coaching session and feel sad about it. I’d lost all my confidence and I still don’t quite know why. For me the people pleasing work taught me a lot and I’m much firmer now.

Your confidence building skills are like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. You have completely changed my life. You are personable, patient, and genuinely a really kind hearted person. But you know how to gently push and question things to get people thinking. I’m really happy with the outcome"

Lucy, Digital Content Manager


“I was struggling with my current job. I was at the point of despair and did not know which direction to go in. I felt there was no light at the end of the tunnel and I would never get out of my job. I was at the end of my tether before some sessions, especially after a stressful day at work, but after speaking with Juliette I always came away feeling some much happier and motivated.

I have become more determined to get where I want to be. I still have wobbles, but manage to pick myself up and keep going. My passion for music made me want to design for the music industry, which I would still love to do. However, back in January I decided to start making my own music. I have created my first track in the house/club genre and I have produced my own lyrics and worked with a professional vocalist.

So I am now a freelance graphic designer and a music producer /DJ! Which is completely mad as it is not what I expected to happen, but I am extremely glad it did and can finally say I am proud of myself after years of not being valued in many different jobs.”

Hayley, Graphic Designer

“Before working with Juliette, I was feeling lost, lacking direction, stuck, lacking confidence to change and not knowing what to change to.

I've now given myself some time to explore other opportunities instead of applying for other corporate jobs, am following one of my passions and about to start my second wine course.

My favourite part of the programme was thinking about your passions and being able to work towards making money from it. I'm not there yet but the fact I'm exploring it is huge for me!

The most important thing people should know about coaching is that what they will get out of coaching lies within themselves but a good coach will help draw it out and make it visible and viable. Also that they should be prepared to change - no point doing it if you're not open to change.”

Lisa, Media Relations Advisor

“I was struggling with working out what my next step should be in my career and felt at a bit of crossroads, but wasn't sure what option would suit me best.

Coaching is such a natural process - just a chat each time really but the way the conversation in steered and the clever questioning helps to create that much needed path and progress without you really realising.

My favourite part of the programme was the 'fears' module, working through what my negative thoughts were and busting them, and I am now more confident in my abilities based on my natural personality.”

Verity, Travel Consultant

"Before working with Juliette, I needed help to clarify my strengths and define possible career options. She really helped me to recognise my strengths and break through some of my limiting beliefs.

My favourite part of the coaching programme was the homework. It really helped to make the link between the work we were doing and the real world rather, than just at the level of theory.

And I loved that the sessions were structured so I felt reassured there was a method/plan underlying it, but at the same time Juliette really responded to where I was and what I needed so it still felt completely personal and tailored for me."

Lorraine, HR Executive


"Before working with Juliette I was feeling lost and unsure about which way to go forward, knowing that my recent jobs were not right but unable to identify what was right for me.

Working with her was specific to me and just what I needed, and now I have a clearer idea of the area I want to work in. And I'm feeling more confident that I can make the change and that I do have valuable skills to offer.

The best thing for me were the Skype sessions and being able to see and talk with her, and she will challenge what you feel and think but in a good way! She won't just take answers to questions at face value but will dig deeper which was sometimes hard but totally necessary and that was where the 'lightbulb' moments came from!"

Mags, Event Organiser

"When I started working with Juliette, I was feeling really stuck in my current self-employment career. All the coaching modules had an impact and brought out different aspects that I hadn't thought about before, and I enjoyed the weekly catch up calls.

Juliette is friendly, understanding and cares about her client's issues, and I left feeling feeling clearer about my next steps and more motivated."

Nina, Designer


"I didn't know much about coaching before I got involved, but it has made me realise that it can be a very powerful tool to help change areas in your life you are not happy with.

I found all the exercises very helpful as it gave me time to focus on myself, something I feel I have not really done in a long time. Also the follow up emails were very useful because it was in writing so it gave me time to digest the information and really take time out to focus on how to use the exercises.

Life Coaching for me has been a very enjoyable and valuable experience, not only has it given me a clearer picture of what small steps I need to undertake to achieve my main goals, but it has also helped me enhance my confidence and self-esteem." 

Anis, Charity Worker


"When we started working together, I was trying to figure out what work would be most fulfilling for me - I do a few different projects and very little of the work was enjoyable for me. 

During our sessions I felt energised, supported and hopeful, and the mapping strengths to values exercise was very powerful. Working with Juliette was enlightening, reassuring and energising." 

Rob, Fundraising Strategist


"Before coaching, I wanted to find a career change that would fulfil me and I felt trapped in a job that wasn't meeting my own needs.`Juliette was easy to talk to, positive and supportive, and I found the coaching modules thought provoking and gave me insights into myself.  Now I feel like I have clarified what I want and need from a job, know what matters to me and feel open to moving forward to achieve it."

Frances, Hospital Worker


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