"I needed some help in staying on track and giving me structure as I made the leap from the corporate world in to creating my own business.

The journey I've been on over the last 12 weeks has been amazing thanks to the coaching.

I could have given up so many times because things got tough and hurdles had to be overcome but you kept me on track, helped me face my fears and offered guidance to help me think differently and ultimately make progress."

Pauline, Sales Manager turned Fashion Entrepreneur


"I wanted to thank you again for the life coaching sessions and can honestly say they totally turned my life around. Your sessions gave me my confidence back and put me on the right path.

I was miserable and at a crossroads in a job I hated when I first sought you out. I was stuck in a rut and couldn't see a way out.

Your guidance helped me to put things in perspective and gave me the much needed boost to sort myself out. I landed a new job, I started writing, and I'm doing the Great North run in 2 weeks.

I’ve started my new job and I'm loving it. It's been a life changing couple of months and I feel so much happier with a renewed sense of purpose and enthusiasm."

Silvia, Project Manager



"I didn't know much about coaching before I got involved, but it has made me realise that it can be a very powerful tool to help change areas in your life you are not happy with.

I found all the exercises very helpful as it gave me time to focus on myself, something I feel I have not really done in a long time. Also the follow up emails were very useful because it was in writing so it gave me time to digest the information and really take time out to focus on how to use the exercises.

Life Coaching for me has been a very enjoyable and valuable experience, not only has it given me a clearer picture of what small steps I need to undertake to achieve my main goals, but it has also helped me enhance my confidence and self-esteem." 

Anis, Charity Worker


"When we started working together, I was trying to figure out what work would be most fulfilling for me - I do a few different projects and very little of the work was enjoyable for me. 

During our sessions I felt energised, supported and hopeful, and the mapping strengths to values exercise was very powerful. Working with Juliette was enlightening, reassuring and energising." 

Rob, Fundraising Strategist


"I really enjoyed it. You were calm and clear and the conversations were good at zooming straight into glitch areas. I would imagine it's easy to sound patronising when creating something like this but it wasn't like that at all. The session definitely tweaked my thought process on achieving my goal so I'm curious to see what further sessions will reveal."

Kashka, Writer


"Juliette provided a supportive, encouraging environment in which to look at the issues which might be holding me back. Her session motivated me to look at setting some goals and overcoming some obstacles. I would highly recommend her refreshing approach and would definitely like to do some more coaching with her." 

Susie, Contract Manager


"During this friendly, informative and practical session we covered the psychology of change, common fears and how to deal with them, procrastination and limiting beliefs. The interactive, small group-work session culminated with us all setting and sharing a personal or professional (in my case) goal for ourselves, committing to it and scheduling a point of action towards it. I would recommend this to anyone stuck in a rut professionally or personally who needs a clarification on what it is they actually want to achieve and help moving forwards with that goal. What are you waiting for?"

Rachel, Naturopath


"I found this very interesting and Juliette discussed some useful strategies to build into daily life. Juliette is very personable and easy to talk to."

Frances, Hospital worker